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Episode 17b: EFT & BLS Studios Part 2: What are EFT & BLS?

What are The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) & Bilateral Stimulation (BLS)?

Click here for a guided tour of the EFT-BLS Studios. This webinar is a primer for understanding and using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Bilateral Stimulation (BLS). These are powerful tools for improving vagal tone and enhance the users ability to achieve a healthy parasympathetic reset! (Click the links to learn why that is sooo important!)

The EFT-BLS Studios are available to all free and paid members Serenity Cafe as well as all clients of Carter Counseling & Coaching Services. The Serenity Cafe Member and Client password for each studio is changed frequently. The current password is available on the homepage of Serenity Cafe Member Portal. Login or sign up free

I made the EFT & BLS Studios PRIVATE (See image below) because it's hard to relax into a session and play around with the elements if someone else could pop in at any time! After you sign up for the Serenity Cafe Member Portal, click the image below to visit the Private Studios. If you would rather not sign up then check out the EFT-BLS Public Prototype where up to 7 people can use the studio at one time.

Even if someone with a password (such as another member) attempts to access a private Studio that is occupied, they will encounter a popup that says, "This Room is Full". If this happens to you, simply try another room. Because the studios accommodate only one person at a time, I have made EIGHT Private EFT-BLS Studios. Remember to watch Webinar Replay #4 to learn how to use the studios.

NOTE: Here is a link to download my PDF Guide to the Basics of EFT and the Lightstream Grounding Technique. [This presentation is by Don Carter MSW, LCSW. Some of the slides are from a slideshare presentation by]

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Internet of the Mind Podcast
Internet of the Mind Podcast
The Internet-of-the-Mind Podcast is about the role of our subconscious mind plays in constructing our world to suit our internal functioning and how YOU can make biological changes to your neural circuitry, at the biological level, in order to bring more serenity and success to your life. The Internet of the Mind offers tools to strengthen mental and emotional resilience for living at such a time as this.