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Episode 17a: EFT & BLS Studios Part 1: A Guided Tour

Take a tour of the Private EFT & BLS Studios at Serenity Cafe

By popular demand, I made the EFT & BLS Studios PRIVATE (See image below). It's hard to relax into a session and play around with the elements if someone else could pop in at any time!

There are EIGHT private EFT-BLS Studios: Two groups of the four themes pictured above.

These studios are totally private meaning they are set up for only ONE person at a time. The Serenity Cafe Member password for each room is changed frequently. It is available on the homepage of Serenity Cafe Member Portal. Login or sign up free

If another member attempts to access a room that is occupied, they will get a popup that says, "This Room is Full". If this happens to you, simply try another room. Since the studios accommodate only one person at a time, I have made the eight private EFT-BLS Studios.

NOTE: Here is a link to download my PDF Guide to the Basics of EFT and the Lightstream Grounding Technique.

EFT & BLS Studios Part 2 - What is EFT & BLS?

Part 2 of this webinar is a primer for understanding and using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Bilateral Stimulation (BLS). The EFT-BLS Studios are available to all free and paid members Serenity Cafe as well as all clients of Carter Counseling & Coaching Services. The Serenity Cafe Member and Client password for each room is changed frequently. The current password is available on the homepage of Serenity Cafe Member Portal. If you are not yet signed up click the link below to sign up for your free Serenity Cafe Membership.

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