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Episode 14: The Stages of Addiction & Recovery

Get a Free Universal Step One Workbook to Explore the Possibility of an Active Addiction in Your Life or for Someone You Love.

Active alcoholism or addiction can create a variety of problems, namely the Terrible Trio of guilt, remorse, and shame. The good news is that some of these feelings can serve as an indicator or warning sign to the drinker that what they are doing is going against social norms or personal values. These feelings are produced by a collision of a person’s behavior and their value system – it says, “I am missing the mark.”

Who’s an Addict and what is addiction? It’s been said that in America if you CAN become addicted — you WILL become addicted — to something. Evidence for this is in the literally hundreds of 12-step organizations with millions of members available today…Eighty years ago there were none at all. The workbook below is for anyone who would like to explore the possibility of an addiction. It is based upon many of the concepts outlined in my video above.

Preview or Download my Universal Step One Workbook (For Any Addiction)

This Episode lays out the Stages of Addiction, the Stages of Change, and the Stages of Recovery. Read more on our Internet-of-the-Mind blog at or signup for free access to Serenity Cafe…

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Internet of the Mind Podcast
Internet of the Mind Podcast
The Internet-of-the-Mind Podcast is about the role of our subconscious mind plays in constructing our world to suit our internal functioning and how YOU can make biological changes to your neural circuitry, at the biological level, in order to bring more serenity and success to your life. The Internet of the Mind offers tools to strengthen mental and emotional resilience for living at such a time as this.