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Episode 16: Reprogram Core Beliefs & Mental Filters

Summer Webinar Series: Module #1 Webinar #2 (Not Counting Orientation Webinar)

You are invited to the second webinar in module one of my Summer Webinar Series 2024 at Serenity Cafe. Click Here to Join us as we continue our weekly journey of healing and change. Each week we learn something new about why and how to heal. Each week builds on the previous week's topics. Each week the lessons snowball from basic to intermediate and then to advanced growth.

We began the series with a module on Neuroplasticity and the Fragmented Self. In order to make sure everyone gets a chance to participate, each week in the Cafe Auditorium, Module One video playlist is available 24 hours a day until the next event is posted (next week). As time permits, I will check in several times a day to answer any questions posted in the chat and visit with anyone who happens to be there. [for Serenity Cafe Members, go to "My Workspace"> Community Rooms"> “Conference Rooms”> "Auditorium" to watch the videos and ask your questions or just Click this link.

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Internet of the Mind Podcast
Internet of the Mind Podcast
The Internet-of-the-Mind Podcast is about the role of our subconscious mind plays in constructing our world to suit our internal functioning and how YOU can make biological changes to your neural circuitry, at the biological level, in order to bring more serenity and success to your life. The Internet of the Mind offers tools to strengthen mental and emotional resilience for living at such a time as this.