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Episode 11: Understanding The Invented Self - Part Three

The Five Drivers, The Safety Net, and the Psychology Behind the Trending Term: "Imposter Syndrome".

The Five Drivers, play a big role in the development of the Invented Self, keeping an external focus, managing the impressions of others, difficulty accepting compliments, and the self-statements, “Why do I always do that!” and “I hate it when I do that!’

The first five counter-injunctions listed below are known in TA as The Five Drivers because they “drive” us relentlessly, often underneath our awareness and against our will. Most, if not all, of the other counter-injunctions, can fit into one or a combination of the first five.

Drivers: aka Counter-Injunctions

The drivers and combinations of them are also known as counter-injunctions because they “counter” or neutralize the injunctions of childhood when obeyed. Obeying them keeps us from being triggered, which is why I refer to obedience to the “Safety Net.” When we stop doing these things we get triggered into the primary injunction it was created to neutralize (aka, defense mechanisms).

  • Be Strong

  • Be Perfect

  • Try Hard

  • Please Others

  • Hurry Up

  • Work Hard (Try Hard + Please Others)

  • Don’t ask for what you need (Be Strong + Try Hard)

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Internet of the Mind Podcast
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