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Part 14c: The Four Horsemen of the Autonomic Apocalypse: (Part Three)

In Part One we Looked at the Psychology of Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, and Compulsion. Part Two, The Biology of these "Four Horsemen." This Video Outlines What To Do About It. (50 Minutes)

In Part Three of “The Four Horsemen of the Autonomic Apocalypse”, we go in depth on the topic of what to do about the cycles of depression and anxiety that often underlies addictions and compulsions.

In addition to Parts One and Two, it is helpful to first watch the videos listed below as each are mentioned in this series. A good understanding of these videos will help you get even more from the present series:

Don’t let the Four Horsemen of the Autonomic Apocalypse ride roughshod over your life! This series will show you what to do, why we get stuck in these deadly cycles, and how to reconfigure your nervous system out of survival mode and chronic stress into growth mode and peace of mind.

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The videos and lessons in this area have part numbers (Part 1, etc) so you can tell the order to watch them. These are the foundational courses and one lesson builds upon the previous lesson. They are meant to be studied, not just watched one time.
Remember the need for intensity and repetition. When you have seen these videos enough times to almost be able to present the information yourself, the Internet of Your Mind will have been transformed for the better as you get to know your True Self
Don Carter MSW, LCSW