Why Am I Writing This?

I am a licensed psychotherapist, an author, a patriot, a recovered alcoholic, and an avid follower of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In my counseling and coaching practice, I frequently need to keep my personal opinions and worldview to myself when it is in the best interest of my clients.

The Internet of the Mind explores how the mind, body, soul, and spirit connect intra-personally through our "family of self", inter-personally with others, and dynamically with the world around us. ~ Don Carter

The Internet-of-the-Mind.com gives me a place to take a stand and do my part in this historic and pivotal time by sharing both my personal and professional philosophies about self, others, and the world in general. Here I can express my personal beliefs while offering useful knowledge, experience, and professional expertise to all who accept them in a language the layman can understand.

What Qualifies Me to Write This?

“Knowledge is but a foundation upon which we build with experience the structure of expertise. Wisdom couples with intuition to take up residence in the penthouse of that structure.” ~ Don Carter

I’ve been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) for over 35 years. Clinical social work is a generalist degree. That means the educational foundation is broad and a focuses primarily on the theory and practice of the helping process as it pertains to the field of Social Work. After graduation with a Masters in Social Work (MSW) there are two years of supervised practice before obtaining a license to practice clinical social work.

“What is a generalist? We know a little bit about everything, and not too much about anything.” ~ Don Carter

Clinical social workers build a practice model by obtaining specialized training and experience in our areas of interest. We take a minimum of 30 continuing education unit each licensing period. I usually take more than that because I love to learn and there are always new, cutting edge training programs provided every year. My primary specialties are integrative psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy, advanced trauma therapy, EMDR, Gestalt therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) and addiction therapy.

“Continuing education is a good thing because the more I learn, the less I know!” - Don Carter

What Can You Expect?

In the first two articles in this series we will focus on laying a foundation by outlining the wounding process in layman’s terms (My Iceberg Model) as well as some some common outcomes of this process (My Life Scripts & Parts Matrix Model). The series will include video presentations of mostly my own models, but also a few videos from other clinicians to validate and expand on some concepts.

From there we will chain together a roadmap of presentations with one building upon the other. Being an integrative psychotherapist means that I like to combine compatible approaches to create something new. I also like to blend psychology, spirituality, neurology, and biology into a holistic big picture. You will see a lot of that in what follows.

Over the years, I have come to realize that I can only speak of what I know, share what I have experienced, and teach what I have learned. For me, all of this has come through the lens of Christianity. It is my sincere hope that, even if your lens is different, somehow these observations of mine will be useful to you.

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The Internet of the Mind explores how the mind, body, soul, and spirit connects internally with our "family of self" as well as externally with others and the world around us.


Don is an integrative psychotherapist, has advanced training in clinical hypnosis, and holds level II advanced certification in trauma therapy. Don is also the author of the "Thawing the Iceberg Series,"