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I appreciate everything you share, Don. I have experienced a lot of healing by now. The EMDR really helped me & also EFT tapping & the inner child work. We certainly are quite complex. I am 82 yrs. old now & still healing but I am on the other side enough to be able to help other wounded women & I praise God for all of His guidance along the way. You were one of the ones that helped me on my journey of healing. Thank you so much! I want to share a couple of inspired writings for you that I wrote. ~~Donna Giovanni (formerly Donna Shuck)


O my Redeemer, GRIEF has come to visit me once again…ever so gently knocking on my door at first…hesitant to make itself known, seeming to enter incrementally into my heart of hearts, as I fall into my review of what seems to never have an ending, causing me breathless, finally, to collapse and weep uncontrollably as I fall into your open arms of love…for there is no other who can console me such as you, my Love.

I know this grief is really a gift...one that I would choose to eliminate, but alas, I cannot, for this gift brings forth realities that can come no other way. I know you cause all things to work for the good of those who love You and are called and I see this grief fitting into your miraculous good and I see you share in my grief, with a heart of compassion. You know I can only understand in part so I cast myself into your heart…and weep for all the losses that I experienced through the years, that cannot be regained…so that all I can do is count on your flowing graces to envelop me to accept what I find impossible to accept and yet, in you I find that I can…

Thank you , my Savior, for sharing in my grief so I can perceive in a deeper way more of Who You Are…IN me and ever FOR me…no matter what and in spite of…YOU ARE…ever present…LOVE enveloping this once shattered soul, restoring me, to yourself. I know that You see the image of me that you had before the foundation of the world and your glory ever shines with your sovereignty in all…I, even I, am here as your little jewel and I simply bow my head before you…and humbly say…Amen.


O True and Living God ~

In a miraculous, marvelous way,

As we walk through

Our uncertain concerns of this day and hour

With You leading the way ~

Something incredible takes place.

From our very eyes falls our 'sight'

The eyes we have held so dear ~

Our prized perspectives…I see them

Fall to the ground ~ we lose them

And we walk upon them ~

They are forever buried in the earth...

Never to be revived again!

Those weighted, deceptive eyes

Have fallen...the burdens of our

Own opinions, the lies we've been fed,

Our prideful perceptions, producing false hopes

And emptiness...

How our vision clouded all we viewed.

But we are not left without the Truth!

For by the power of your tender mercies

And your deep compassion for us,

The clarity of truth begins to form ~

Born of your Spirit in our hearts

We cry out to You unceasingly,

Longing for the truth!

Yes, it is so true!

The truth shall set us free

No matter where that may lead us

In God's Kingdom!

Ah...truth...how I continue to see

You in a brand new way

And I find it impossible to describe the fresh love

I have for you and your

Unfathomable ways

Of transforming us from each 'world' we thought

We had obtained into your open doors.

Gracious Father,

Sometimes tenderly, yet always zealously

You wash our eyes,

Removing all that competes for our attention.

This gift of the New Eyes...

How very precious to behold

Anew and ever anew, it’s as though one is being

Born again...and again...and again.

This amazing gift of Yourself...

To your own is awe-inspiring!

To think that no matter what may befall us, we know

That You are truly within us

And your smile of love is upon us.

You are a joy to our Blood-bought hearts!

Thank You, Father, for all You reveal

To our new, fiery sight..

And all you wisely conceal

From our New Eyes as well!

Lover of our ransomed souls ~

I love You beyond description!


As I was sitting at my desk listening to some beautiful soft music and in prayer, a panorama of my life of sufferings passed before me. It was as if I were watching a movie as it proceeded right in front of me…it was painful to watch…I thought about how the Lord knew me before I was born and how He saw me my whole life and how He was with me as we watched this panorama together. So this is what I experienced as I wrote what I saw in my mind’s eye. And although it was about my life, I found myself including humanity’s sufferings as well.

As Jesus’ piercing eyes gaze across the landscape of my soul and the land of the spirits of humanity,

He sees the Ash heaps,

And the ones who are ‘Hanging by a thread’

The Wrecked crashes, the Broken hearted ones

The Immobile Numb ones, Wounded to the core

The Abused, and the Hurting

Terror stricken ones, Sobbing from their deepest part.

Those who are Desperate, nary able to voice any sound,

And still there are the Screaming souls,

And those Crying and Tearful ones,

The poor Beaten lives, Oh the SHAME,

Those who are Defeated, as though frozen in time

And the very sad Lonely ones.

The Trapped, as though caught in barbed wires,

Those who are ever Bleeding within their very souls.

He sees the Terror-stricken faces, too hard for others to bear

And the Anguished, too painful to think about

And the Despondent lives, seeming to be dead.

The Weeping ones.

The thoroughly Discouraged ones,

The Miserable souls,

There was the every present Tyranny,

Causing one to be petrified,

Unheard, invisible, unnoticed,

While Pretending and internally suffering.

The Loss of my VOICE expression,

The Loss of my identity,

The loss of my dignity,

The loss of any true loving, parenting,

The loss of any friend to talk to…

The degradation of it all.

There are the Abandoned lives,

The Struggling humans,

The Wretched ones,

Those in dire Pain…Oh the deep emotions…

And the ones in utter Despair…

LIVES … waiting for rescue, though barely breathing ~~

WHO will DELIVER me from this PIT OF HELL?


He pauses with His eyes of pure love, glistening with soft tears…and He knows it is my turn as He chooses me. For He clearly discerns my silent, yet open and pleading heart…He knows…”Here is one I can reveal my pure love to and find out-poured devotion of heart, in spite of all. I will rescue this soul and watch with My loving heart, hope, and prayers and I will delight as I enter into the unfolding of yet another precious life given to Me by my Father for that about-face transformation that only I can create…for all eternity.”

John 15:9--As the Father loves me, so I also love you. Remain in my love.

John 10:27--My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.

Psalm 73:25--Whom have I in heaven but thee? and there is none upon earth that I desire beside thee.

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