Who am I

by Box Lady

This is just for the fun of sharing something, to say I have told someone who I am, not being just a little secret, or a subtle feeling of it deep inside of me. Letting "the real me" see a bit of daylight and to be seen.

I am a very sensitive spiritual person who has great respect for all that is living. I am amazed by the miracle of life and want to see all there is to see out there even to the most smallest details to be able to completely appreciate it. I believe nothing exists for nothing. To me life, means a web of energy weaved together and can only functionally exist with all the living connected to each other.

Sensitive in such ways, that I will cry and feel pain (inside)when a person speaks of their suffering. I hear the people who call out for help and I sincerely care, no one or any other living thing is discounted as being of lower importance. All is important to the same high degree. I love life, and cry when I see people who are unable to see this amazing wonderful privilege they have to be part of this world, how magical it is when you take the time to appreciate it. What unsurpassing beauty could be created if we all could open our eyes and hold hands and participate actively, (awakened) in this life.

I share with you a composition I have written, I apologise if it is long. But in this my true self, my heart speaks:

Title: A Thought
How to make a difference

Together lets all take a moment and lets think…
Lets start standing together
Only if we stand together can we overcome and,
Only with compassion can we survive

Lets awaken to see the truth, the reality, unveil the injustices
To what’s causing the real damages here in our lives


Stop taking and lets start giving
Stop turning a blind eye, and lets create changes to support each other
Stop giving a deaf hear, and lets hear the cries for help and give assistance
Stop the selfishness, the greed and jealousy
Lets start using our hearts and learn to really live together
Lets start learning how to work out our conflicts with peaceful communication
Rather than with vengeful tactics.
Lets learn to recognize our own fears and insecurities and to not lash them out onto others


Why is it possible for a person to die of loneliness amongst so many people on the earth
Why is it possible that so many are starving while there is so much food on this planet
Why do some feel despaired when there are so many capable hearts in existence
Where and why is this so?

The more we move away from each other,
The less our heart thrives
The more we close our hearts the less it feels, and the less it will receive

If we would learn how to use our hearts properly there would
Be no more need for drugs or alcohol
I believe that there are health conditions that needs medication, but
Most of them are caused by a dying heart and no pills can fix that,
The only way to reverse these damages is to start letting our hearts live again by
Learning to give out love so it may receive some, making a healing process possible
All in life is about balance
You cannot create real positives in life with negative illusional means
Yet so many, believe that the only way to their happiness is by crushing others
To gain that extra buck as their hearts are slowing dying inside
Not realizing that when you take away from another, you also take from yourself

With this message, I am hoping to be able to communicate a whisper
Of Peace in everybody’s hearts, wishing that it could spread
A desire to want to set your hearts free to live fully
Allowing yourselves to experience a life filled with real happiness
And not letting yourselves become a slave to a greed which will only leave
You dead inside

Love, respect and acceptance is what we all yearn for,
and genuine love, respect and acceptance can not be found or created
by any other means than by the love of your hearts
Please, lets start living again, lets open our hearts
And only if we stand together can we make a difference in this struggling world

Today I wrote this thought for you, as my first step in starting to open my heart. Hoping you will help me by being another loop in this chain of strength, to help us rebuild a better life for all of us.

from the BOX LADY to you all my friends in the world! A moment outside of my box to share the real me.

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