Ways of deprograming and reprogramimg te mind among farmers in a developing world

by Peter Baguma
(Uganda, Makerere University)

In Uganda, agricultural projects have not been successful in terms of generating expected income. This is partly due to the mentality of farmers which is self defeating and needs to be changed and replaced with new ways of thinking.

Iam looking for advice on procedures and methodologies of how this can be achieved,

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Sep 19, 2014
Good question...
by: Don

Hi Peter,

I was raised on a farm in Missouri. If Uganda farmers are anything like Missouri farmers I can tell you they are set in their ways. HOWEVER, if you can prove or demonstrate something to them, then they are highly likely to amend their beliefs about "how things are."

I will suggest something you may already be doing - start with your own beliefs about those you are working with... My biggest challenge is not to get caught up and swept along in their ways of thinking and being. I want to "see them" as already having what they want because they made the changes in thinking and action that got them there. :)

In other words, I don't want to focus on how they stay the same and get discouraged because "that's just the way they are." When I "see them" in my minds eye, I want to focus on how they are beginning to make the necessary changes in thought and action to get them where they want to be.

I want to visualize them growing through the changes and getting the reward. I want to "hear them" laughing and enjoying their success. By doing that I contribute the right energy in the helping process. By not focusing on "the way they are" and feelings that go with that, I am NOT contributing to the negative energy that holds them back. - a big step in the right direction.

You are also modeling the change you want to see.

Thanks for the question. I am sure many others will be able to share ideas here too. Hope you find something helpful in this.


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