tough love or ????

by nancy
(orlando fl,usa)

Im newly diagnosed with colon/rectal cancer an currently goin thru chemo n radiation witch is hick my butt ,barely can walk right now,an i just found out a week ago my oldest son an his girl friend was using crack an i knew something was up cause i wasnt hearing from my son an ,according to my daughter who is in same area of town as they are its bad to the point my sons gettin beat up by like 7 people at one time while his girl is trickin for a hit of crack at same time an sum one video taped it on thier phone an showed my i daughter ,i wouldnt be able. to watch it just the vision of what she said is giving me nightmares not braggin but my sons always been the tough guy. Dont have a car either an i can baely walk as it is from chemo n radiation an never got beat up before they keep tellin me they stopped but i know thats not true, plus they have no where to live or there where they are an no car an im stayin with family on other side of town so i have help i dont know how to stop him hes 31 years old now. any help appreciated ty

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