To All the Parents who Marry Partners with No Baggage....

by KWood
(Delray Beach FL)

I worked my Career taking care of Juveniles who were Incarcerated,i have no Children and thought it wasnt fair to bring children into my life as theres so many that either need to be Adopted or Loved by there Family.Its not easy raising Your Child,I say Your Child because recently my 18 yo Daughter was referred to as "My Daughter" by my Wife when I said I had enough,she allowed the Boyfriend to move in "for a week or two" turning into 2 Months and watching my Step Daughter and Her Hormones go Crazy I wanted to Vomit,this isnt how I brought her up.So why she was "Playing House" and getting up at Noon,not working just going to College with 12 Credits and feeling she is a "Full Time Student"I was so depressed as my Wife allowed this until this week when I ended it.Im the Boss and I owe neither of You anything,start paying your own Bills,respect my House or get out.I fell in Love with my Wife and brought up her daughter from another Man who never even met Her,dont you understand my View?Well I am in the drivers seat again and wont budge and your Lucky i let this go on for 2 Months.So Your Daughter is mad at Me,Good as I could care less what she thinks.I believe in Karma and one day this will happen to Her,I Loved Her and gave her a Wonderful 12 Years,Vacations,Summer Camp,Saxaphone Lessons etc etc always a good provider now its her turn to Grow Up and move on.Its a Thankless Job I realized but Im a better Person today because of it.She could have gone down the wrong path but didnt because I always watched her from the corner of my eye.You Parents who bring Children into Marriages should feel Blessed by Men like me,not there Father but Step Father who cared.

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