This finally makes sense

by Kara

I have just got to read the bit about thawing the iceberg and suddenly its like everything now makes sense. Why so many times I have felt the need after a difficult time to wish that i could put myself in the washing machine to start again as a brand new 'clean' me free of any guilt, shame or blame! Food has been my addiction and I have reached out for help with slimming world and now despite a very difficult 24 hours have only eaten one biscuit not the whole packet.

So many times I wanted to change my name until the other day when after a traumatic event I realised no matter how smart, thin, pretty or what ever else none of it will make someone like me. My name is my name and changing it will not change peoples perceptions of me.

Thank you for the site I now realise that I am an internalizer with major bouts of chronic depression due to what feels like a whole list of abandonment issues that i knew existed but never put a name to. I will today request counselling so that I can move on in my life and live the rest of it happier.
Thank you

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Oct 10, 2012
Good Start!
by: Anonymous

Great start in your recovery Kara! Let us know how it goes in counseling.


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