The Unconscious Mind

by Vahid
(South Australia)

After 10 years of self-coercion, of telling myself 'YOU HAVE TO DO THIS YOU HAVE TO DO THAT!!!' then failing... then further blaming myself 'YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE THIS, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE THAT!' you begin to realise the deep dark painful depths of the unconscious mind.

I began my healing two years prior, and I have been working as fast as my mind can handle. The more work I do, the more I realise the complex web of inner problems which have been working heavily to prevent me from accomplishing my goals, and sabotaging any success I have had.

The greatest obstacle you face in your healing is "why didn't I do it earlier?" it seems you have no chance in life, if the Unconscious mind is working against you.

In these past two years I have been doing, NLP, BrainSync, Ive done holosync level one, Paul Scheele's beleif CD, experimented with some subliminal CD's, and seen a kinesiologist twice a week for over two years.

The only thing that I can genuinely say, is that for those who have been brought up in chaotic and dysfunctional family units, don't blame yourself, because of the entity within that is sabotaging your efforts, it is not your fault, because the pure spirit would never hurt you. Just clear as much as you can and pray for a better day.

- Vahid.

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