The Stupid Exroomate

by Alexiandria
(Costa Mesa)

My dad has this girl who has been meddling with my dad and i for the past 6-7 years. She's lived with us for a while and after she blamed my dad for killing her dog (which was her own fault due to trusting someone she just met{not my dad}), stole some of our stuff, broke into our rooms and went through our stuff and took, messed with our home, has caused major drama with him and his friends (which caused for no one to visit anymore when she's there now),and just brings bad karma into our home, dad kicked her out. I have learned not to talk to her anymore but my dad still lets her into our lives and lets her stay from a few days to a few weeks and then they get into a huge argument, she leaves, and repeats after being gone for a few months or few weeks. I try to ask dad why he still lets her into our lives but when i do, he gets super defensive and blames me for not having any friends of his own (even though the stupid exroomate is the one who got into fights with dad's friends and they don't wanna visit because of her) and that he deserves to have friends (even though this friend treats him badly and disrespects him, me and our home with a passion) and i don't know what to do about it. I'm not old enough to live by myself since i'm in college and don't want to juggle work and school together to get a place of my own and none of my friends are able to get their own place soon and family lives in other cities away from my school. I want dad to see what drama it causes for his life since it effects mine and how much she takes him away from me and i never get to see him or get to have a positive conversation without her causing the drama. She has called me names and when i tell dad, he thinks I'm lying to him and for me not to cause drama even though she's the one who's name calling and starting the drama and talking trash about us behind our backs. I want to take him to a family counselor to talk about the problem but he's closed minded and doesn't wanna deal with drama and rather have the queen of drama stay and i just be in my room without saying anything nor caring about how i feel. What should i do? I feel trapped and sad that dad won't listen to how i feel and what others around him feel.

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