The Next Chapter


I guess I am in the third stage.
My "breaking point " was just that, a broken shoulder. Seven years together and he is an acoholic. "Third stage and I was drinking pretty good too.
Any who I moved out seven months ago and four months ago he attended rehab. Our plan was we would get healthy and get back together. We do love each other. I dont question that. Problem is he relapsed shortly after rehab.
I attend Alanon, and have a therapist. I know I am codependent. I have all the signs and then some.

I cant let him go....

I cant seem to keep my boundaries set. Depression is bad. I dont drink anything anymore. And I dont seem to see a future of any kind of happiness.
I cant go back to him and I cant go on without him..

I'm a reasonably intelligent person. Why cant I move on? I havent any joy anymore.

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