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by Thankful mom

Thank you so much for you web site and contributions. I have put up with my husband's anger and childish behavior for 16 years. We have been in couple's counseling for 12 out of those 16 years. He has major depression and self-medicates with alcohol and has used pot in the past. He goes on and off antidepressants. When he is on them he is much better.

I have tried to keep the family together and work out our problems with minimal success but my children have stress conditions from all of the turmoil.

This web site has given me the courage to stop enabling his negative behaviors. He has to solve his own problems. I have spent too much time and energy trying to help him and make things O.K. I need to think of a brighter future for myself and my children. It's not easy but there is a way out.

Thankful Mom

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Dec 02, 2009
You're Welcome! And Thank You!!
by: Don Carter

Thanks, mom, for the feedback on our Website. When I went into this project Angie and I were thinking, "If this website helps even one person turn their life around and find a way out it is worth it!"

We are all responsible to pass the word about recovery and to share our experience, strength and hope with each other.

Thank you for making use of gives us inspiration to keep going!

Nov 19, 2009
Be safe!
by: mxkx

I hope you have a good exit plan. If you are struggling with figuring out where you can go, try seeing if there are any local shelters for women and child abuse victims. Don't think that these shelters are just for physically abused women... they are for any woman/child that has been abused in any way, and they will help you get your self confidence back and also help you get back on your feet.

Here are some ideas for creating a safe exit plan. If he has anger and drinking problems there is no telling what he might do so it is important to take this really seriously even if you don't think he might hurt you. He's too unstable to be predictable.

Nov 19, 2009
To: Thankful Mom
by: Angie Carter

Sometimes making changes that are good for us are very scary. The reason for that is the fear of the unknown. All kinds of questions run through our minds, ie. How will I take care of the kids? What will I do about the financial situation? How can I be alone? What will my family think? What will the kids think, and how will it affect them? and so on and so forth.

Sometimes being in a familiar unhealthy situation is easier than stepping out into a unfamiliar healthy situation. But most people have a 'tipping' point, or a limit. But, for some folks, they never reach that limit or tipping point and just continue on with the same old cycle.

It is through sites like this, counseling, support groups, and speaking out that one learns there are choices we all have to make in this lifetime. We are also responsible for those choices. Yes, sometimes things happened to us out of our control, but how we react to those things is also choice.

I am glad that you have decided to do some self exploration and become knowledgeable about these issues and then do what you need to do for yourself. I have had to make many very tough decisions in my life as I move along in my journey through recovery.

May God continue to watch over you and provide you with the strength and courage you need to become all that you can be!

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