Taking my anger out on my new boyfriend

by Gen

I have just met a great guy after being single for 3 years. I know hes amazing because we talk about everything, and omg list goes on.

I have realised that since my dad abandoning me from the age of 13 has now really affected me. I always knew it had, but 2 years ago i left my home country and moved overseas because ultimately i think i had had enough of being near him but not being able to see him. That's not only the reason to why I moved but subconsciously is one of them.

Anyway, I have been feeling empty. Like i go out and have no confidence. I explain all this to my boyfriend - (he knows that I genuinely am a confident girl because I have a huge personality etc) but seriously. A 10 year can walk past and i have no confidence. That's how empty I feel.

My parent split when I was 4 and since then had always seen my dad. I was always daddy's little girl that's how much I'd see him. Bit then he met a awful women. Who took him away.. shes very insecure and made him detach himself from the entire family. As time went on he would become less and less close with me. I begun to feel uncomfortable around him because she would never leave, she would make things difficult and she genuinely filled his head with rubbish.

However, I have recently recognized to why I feel 'empty'. I miss my dad, and need to get him back. I have tried phoning, writing but shes get the emails. The last time we spoke was this year in February and he was soooo happy to hear from me and the next day i receive a text saying i don't want to talk anymore!!

How can i repair myself from the damage? My boyfriend does love me. I am worthy, I am amazing but I seem to not believe it.

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