Success Secret: The Have's & Have Not's

This success secret is part of a series of articles that are inspired by my love and fascination of the mind-body-spirit that is a human being. The component parts are hyphenated because they cannot be separated; the mind-body-spirit are one.

Success Secret #1:

Okay, I am sure some of you already know this success secret in the Bible. Take a look at Matthew 25:29, "For unto everyone that has shall be given, and he shall have abundance; But from him that has not shall be taken even that which he has."

That passage always seemed like a riddle to there was some cryptic hidden meaning. One person told me it's about faith.

But recently I stopped looking for symbolism began applying it in literal terms, just at face value and I found something incredible ~ the passage does work for faith, but it works for everything else too!

It appears, to me, to be a spiritual law that could make or break your success! In fact, Jesus stated this exact principle twice in Matthew (see Matthew 13:12.)

Both times he stated this principle he had just finished explaining a parable to his disciples. Jesus went on to explain that he taught in parables because, "...they seeing see not; and hearing, hear not, niether do they understand" (Matt 13:13) "...for this people's heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed..."(Matt 13:14)

In psychology, we know this closing of the eyes and ears as DENIAL. We also know that using stories and metaphors (parables) are the best way to bypass the conscious mind, and go straight to the subconscious mind. I would imagine Jesus knew this too, so he was not trying to confuse them, he was trying to get through to the source and bypass the denial!

So, lets take a look at this success secret Jesus was so fond of repeating.

Start here...

When we dwell upon something, we nurture it; we give it shape and form in our minds - we create it.

For example, look around the room that you are in and see if you can point to someting that did NOT begin as a thought in someone's mind. My bet is you cannot find anything that did not begin with a thought (many thoughts!) in someone's mind (unless you are an athiest, then you can point to plants, animals and yourself)

Now test this formula...

"For unto everyone that has [nurtured a sense of blank] shall be given (more blank), and he shall have abundance (of blank); but from him that has not [nurtured a sense of blank] shall be taken away even that (blank) which he has."

Now INSERT anything, positive or negative, you can think of into the [blanks] and see if it works. - faith, confidence, lack, scarcity, prosperity, gratitude, depression, joy, fear, blessings, fun, failure, success, etc. (Remember that the subsconcious mind takes it's cues from the conscious mind as DOES NOT process negatives - Negation is a conscious process. So, there are no negatives or positives in the subconscious mind.)

  • Here is an example: "For unto everyone that has [nurtured a sense of confidence] shall be given (more confidence) and he shall have abundance (of confidence); but from him that has not [nurtured a sense of confidence] shall be taken away even that (confidence) which he has"
  • And in the negative: "For unto everyone that has [nurtured a sense of lack] shall be given (more lack) and he shall have abundance (of lack); but from him that has not [nurtured a sense of lack] shall be taken away even that (lack) which he has"

Test this success secret out: Think of whatever it is that you spend the majority of your time dwelling on (positive or negative) and look for evidence to see if this principle holds true - do you have an abundance of that? Now think of someone you know well enough to guess what they spend the majority of their time dwelling on (positive or negative) and see if the formula works for them. It works for me and many others I know...I take that to mean that whatever we spend our time FOCUSING on is what we end up with - good or bad!

And why not? As Emmet Fox points out, If we really are made in His image and God is the Creator, then it follow we are creators too! (on a much smaller scale of course). According to Fox, "A rose bush cannot give birth to a thistle and a horse cannot give birth to a calf."

Now there are those who would jump in here and ask the very good question: "So how does this success secret work for people who are stricken with some sort of illness like cancer? Are you saying that because they have cancer then they are going to get more cancer?" If this success secret holds true, then if one has such an illness, they can choose to dwell on every little detail of that illess giving it form and fuel by entertain images of pain and suffering...

Or, along with their treatments, they can learn to meditate so they can dwell on the images of healing and feelings of gratitude for the HEALING, i.e., prayer, visualization of the treatment working, success secret affirmations, etc.

There is a very good chance (based on research) that it does help to focus on healing and it does hurt to focus images and fears of the illness ~ I know, easier said than done, but only at first. Once there are a couple of EXPERIENCES that this really works, then it becomes easier and eventually a habit of thought! What have you got to lose by trying it? Only your success!

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