Step Mom SICK of Step Son and girlfriend!!

by Anonomous

I am almost 50 and been married for 24 years. My husband has a son who is 26 and I have a son who is 28 but we have none together. My step-son's mother is a well educated school teacher and is remarried also. She lives about 100 miles from us. This started about 4 years ago and we had bought a bigger nicer home. My son and his wife and kids lived with us when we first bought it but moved out later and I have no problems with him and her thank God. My step son on the other hand moved in with us a couple of years ago and brought his girlfriend with him who claims her mother and dad are not married and are very dysfunctional. My husband told his son that he could bring her then but only for a couple of days until they found somewhere else to go. Well, a couple of days has turned into a couple of years and both of them do nothing! All they do is sleep all day, the girlfriend cleans up but the step son does nothing! All he does is stay on his cell phone (Facebook, Instagram, social media) all the time that his real mother pays for. They go and come when they please and the step son has been drugged up numerous times on pills that he gets from his doctor that he goes to every two weeks for depression he says. He is on his mother's insurance so that is how it is paid for. When he gets the suboxone's and zanax's he then takes too many and he acts like a drunk man. I am so tired of him and her being at my house and when I talk to my husband about it we fuss. My husband has gotten in a lot of heated arguments with him but it does no good! My husband escapes to our bedroom and listens to music or watches TV to avoid getting in arguments with him as both of them have hot tempers. My husband wants him and her out but don't know what to do because my step son's mother will not let him live with them because her and her husband have a 10 year old little girl together and she don't want that going on around her, is the excuse. My husband and I have worked hard for what we have and I am not going to loose it for some low life! I don't know what to do myself because I have so much anger and resentment towards my step son, the girlfriend and my husband. Please suggest!

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