Sister in midst of divorce (with addiction problem) bleeding elderly parents of entire savings

by Hadenough

Sibling divorcing physician husband, taking our elderly parents for everything they have. Sibling has been a drug addict for many years, very manipulative, uses on and off. This divorce is now in its THIRD year and very little have happened. She and husband have 'borrowed' hundreds of thousands of dollars from gullible elderly parents, despite their 400k yearly income. Husband refuses to pay child support, alimony, etc. and gets away with it despite court orders. Parents have bought sibling a house, a car, all groceries, all expenses paid. Sibling is work able but has not worked for over 20 years and feels completely entitled to everything. Parents basically have only one child, this manipulative, self centered person and her kids. Other siblings hate her, best friends have given up. This is literally tearing the family apart. Other siblings have had very heated words with parents.

What do I do, this is taking a heavy toll on me. parents look to me for help but continue to enable sibling who does absolutely nothing. I am beginning to withdraw from my family, as my other siblings have, to protect my own sanity. My mother is a narcissist and enables this sister completely. Ill and elderly invalid father sees all of this but allows it to continue to "keep them quiet (sister and mother.

Yes, I cannot control what parents are doing even though our family has been destroyed by it. What should I do to save myself? I've had enough.

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