Severely overweight brother of my fiance has no motivation.

He lost his job over a year ago and moved in with my fiance. Unemployment has run out. He has no money and cannot afford to register his car or help pay with expenses. He occasionally applies for work but has had no success in the past six months. He gets defensive and annoyed when we inquire how his search is going. He is also a poor communicator so it is difficult to know just how much effort he is putting into getting a job. He weighs over 400 lbs so this limits what he can do for work. We have tried everything to motivate him but nothing works. The working brother is reluctant to ask him to leave. I feel that the brother is using us and it is just easier for him to sit around all day. I have tried to help but I feel that you cannot help someone who does not want to help himself. Should we force him to move so that he hits rock bottom?
Thanks for your help.

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