See the future in your dreams

The great psychic Ed Cayce in one of his psychic readings said whatever happens to us is dreamed first. How about programming people to remember their dreams, interpret and see the future in their dreams. What about creating such a program? Would you let me if you will or do?

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Mar 25, 2012
by: Christy

When I actually took the time to focus on the dream state, it has made quite a difference in my life. Until learning about neural networks here, it was the best way for me to tap into my subconcious. Once I could wake up in my dreams and retain some control, and suggest to myself that I would remember my dreams, the journal I kept for years is a significant indication (to me) that dreams can be a pathway to the subconscious. Now, understanding why that would be, leads me to a great interest in reviving that particular excercise to heal these past wounds.

I definitely had to learn to what my symbols were. That came with keeping a journal and reviewing it. Even now, I go back sometimes and reread dream journals from years ago. It was important to me to not be distracted when I woke up, so I could capture the dream and record it. Since I found it difficult to deal with the infusion of negative energy when someone interrupted the process, I eventually learned that if you pull a film screen down (in your mind) and project the image, it works to bring the dream back. Patience is definitely required, whether learning the process or re-initiating the process after stopping for long periods.

I'm not sure about the science of all this, and what, if anything, it actually changes in the neural pathways created by an extremely challenging youth, but I would love to know. And last, at one point many years ago, I found I had an addiction to sleep for the dreaming and subsequent control over my life I felt. I found myself sleeping far too much, and had to curtail it. I did however dream about my next job, so when the situation arose, I automatically knew the details through the symbols, and in the end used the dream as a template for the entire experience, except I failed to continue to dream about it going much past inception, so I realize now, my own negative neural programming eventually took over, and I left the project far too soon for my own sense of success, even if it had far-reaching benefits to others into the future.

Nov 08, 2011
power of dreams
by: Anonymous

I believe in the power of dreams.

Not everyone recognizes the tools and symbols needed to interpret the meaning.

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