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In writing this page, I decided on the title Science and Spirituality instead the term "Intelligent Design" because my research on the latter identified it as a school of thought that has been created by a conservative think tank, which politicizes the conversation -- something I go out of my way to avoid whenever possible.

Writing about something as personal as science and spirituality is hard enough to do without bringing ideologies into the conversation. Yes, I know it will be impossible to avoid that altogether because I have my own map of the world and universe.

And I must rely, from time to time, on the things I have learned about science and spirituality over the course of my fifty-something years -- those of you who have read many of my other pages can probably tell that my background is in the Christian faith.

I have also spent much of the last 25 years getting to know people from many other faiths. When we talk, it usually ends up that there is much more than enough common ground in our thinking to feel connected in our walk through this world. So it is not my intention to proselytize or evangelize - but simply to bring science and spirituality into the conversation as a central element in the Internet of the Mind.

It is my intention to make this page a hub for many other pages that explore the connection between science and spirituality - like a webpage embedded within a webpage. I am pleased to have witnessed the development of a holistic model of health and healing that connects mind-body-AND-spirit. This website would not be complete without inclusion of the spiritual component.

To get the ball rolling, I have chosen a passage from the King James Version of the Bible that I think you may agree is apropos here:

  • For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead [Devine Nature]; so that they [mankind] are without excuse: (Rom 1:20)

This passage sums up in a few words what I plan to write about in the following science and spirituality pages. I am one of a large and growing number of people, grounded in the scientific principle of empirical evidence, who has come to the conclusion that it would take a lot more faith to believe the universe and its contents are the consequence of random chaos than it would to believe in an intelligent designer behind it all.

Science and Spirituality Matters

Just to whet your appetite a bit, consider form a moment the idea of matter -- All matter has form and substance which consists of collections of cells, which consists of collections of molecules, which consists of collections of atoms, which consists of collections of protons, neutrons, and electrons.

The protons have a positive charge and reside inside the core (nucleus) of the atom. The neutrons have no charge and also reside in the nucleus. The electrons have a negative charge and they revolve around the nucleus at various speeds, in various directions, and at various levels. This is all very basic science, right? Not really...

A basic principle in science is that opposite charges attract and like charges repel one another. This is easily demonstrated when holding two magnets together - when their oppositely charged surfaces come close enough together they stick. But when you turn one around and try to push them together you can feel a force pushing them apart (electromagnetic force).

Now, the nucleus of an atom is not really a structure -- it's a space or an area. And in this area are the protons and neutrons of the atom. Isn't it interesting to notice that inside this space or area the laws of the outside world are no longer in effect! Inside the nucleus, the protons are all bunched together which is something that defies the laws of physics, specifically electromagnetic force!

According to electromagnetic principles, those protons should be repelling each other. Those protons should be flying apart, not sticking so closely together inside a tight space. Even more fascinating is that with all our advancements in technology and know-how we cannot explain this phenomenon -- We can theorize about it and have done so extensively. In fact, it was observations like these that lead to the development of a whole new scientific frontier now referred to as quantum physics.

It turns out that the laws of regular physics don't hold up at the sub-atomic level -- perhaps a connection between science and spirituality? There have been two forces identified at the level inside and beneath the atomic level that do not exist in our outer world. One of these forces is responsible for holding those protons together inside the nucleus of an atom - physicists have named that one the "Strong Force".

The other force they have identified is responsible for powering our sun, among other things - and they call that one the "Weak Force"! Together these are now referred to as the strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force. Until these forces were identified there were only two forces known to physics - gravity (G-Force) and electromagnetic force.

To learn more about these forces click here.

It is also fascinating that the further we reduce things down, the more powerful they become. The atom (and whatever source powers the atom) is what forms us and everything around us. That makes it the most creative tangible power in the universe. Without atoms we would not exist - nothing in our reality would exist.

Is it possible that these forces at the sub-atomic and atomic levels are some examples of the "...invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made..." - or is all that just a coincidence? It's a question of faith, either way you look at it. But the evidence sure is mounting up that there is intelligence much more astute than mankind at work here.

Isn't it interesting that as we began to experiment with these strong and weak forces that we figured out how to use the most creative power in the universe to develop the most destructive power ever made by man - the nuclear bomb.

And we are not going to stop there - we now have that new supercollider in Europe. It is smashing atoms together at a fantastic rate of speed. Who knows what will come of that? Some say we may be the first to see a black hole form on earth. To me... messing around with forces we don't fully understand smacks of the 'kids playing with matches' thing.

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