by Michelle
(Ireland )

My name is Michelle.

I am 33 years old, I feel lost. I come from an extremely Dysfunctional family, my mother had me when She was 16, my father and his family never had Anything to do with me, my mother raised me with my alcoholic Grandparents till I was 5, then we moved to a New town as she didn't want me to be raised in a household like that, both her parents died Within the next year, she tried her best, but unfortunately Became involved with an extremely abusive man Who for nine years sexually physically and mentally Abused myself and my mother.

I have a little brother Who I love so much, from this union, after nine Years of hell my mam finally found the strength To leave this man, unfortunately that strength was Not long lasting, what ensued was what felt like A tag team scenario, she started to drink heavily And her mental health declined, myself and my
Brother were a lot older by this time and we got
Heavily into drugs, our family was a mess, we
Have come out of those harder times but are
Still struggling through.

I have done quiet well For myself career wise, but am still a mess inside I'm extremely insecure, afraid, emotional, aggressive At times, I find it hard to trust and have intimate Relationships, on the outside I come across as I have it all and I am extremely confident, but Unfortunately it's a facade, I pick really inappropriate Boyfriends, ahhhh there really is too much to go Into, I need help.

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Aug 20, 2012
Overwhelm & Overload..
by: Don

Hi Michelle,

Reaching out for help with these things can become overwhelming very quickly because the more we talk about something the more it comes to the surface.

It is important to get connected with a safe person or people who care, understand, validate your feelings and take you seriously. Others who have been through this too have a special ability for all the above.

There is a saying, "Easy does it...but do it!" Keep reading, talking, writing, and paying attention to the inner part of you that leads you toward healing. You can take breaks when you need to but don't stop altogether.

If you have trouble connecting with people who understand in your part of the world then get involved here, and take advantage of any of the resources here on the website. Check these pages out:

Homepage Overview Video

Serenity Cafe'

Cafe' Memberships

TIFS Coaching Process

There are tons of resources here! Make the most of them, but most of all connect with others in recovery.

Take Care & Blessings,

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