Retrospective Clarity

by Lisa

Its funny tonight I was viewing what triggers this insecurity. An insecurity, that surfaces from chapters closed. Persistently it flutters through, a reason to stay balanced I suppose. A humbling of the journey walked.

So easily this evening, I entered abandonment in search engine which led me here. So easily. Reading the first page struck me to the core.
After many appointments with therapist or psychologists, anyways, I reached out knowing of stages that I felt during my personal change outlined here. Self reflection, choosing how I wanted my future, to be what I wanted with no need of approval from anyone.

I was sad not one of the professionals outlined this. I could not articulate what I could not translate at time. Realizing tonight, healing is ongoing. It requires more strength than anything in my life. I'm hopeful for ones still taking the healing road, and thankful to meet the ones that crossed the bridge over.

The hard work is worth the pain, the other end is living in the present. Thank you for this reference, very helpful.

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Sep 16, 2011
by: Lisa

I did and do write when I need to unload as an outlet.
I was amazed how right on the words I read on the site were.
Its very sad that other generations have to take this journey, wish there was a proactive counseling in place when this environment exists. Decades could be saved for healthier road. I truly felt much that was referenced here. One is always feeling stressed, survival mode. Sheer panic of the worst.
My own journey was a long and intended one after a volatile break up. My worlds collided and I took 2 years to heal. From that as referenced here, I did find a spiritual side.
After spending my whole 35 yrs in the same everything, I donated my life to Goodwill packed my car and moved 15 hrs from home. No job or friends in place, seeking health.
I learned you can teach your parents how to change.
Always learning, and for me that is what motivates me. Always hopeful. Always.

Sep 16, 2011
Well put!
by: Don

Thanks Lisa,

You have a wonderful way with words!

Thanks for your comments and I hope you are using creative writing to help heal these wounds...Inner Child poetry and fantasy-story writing are excellent methods of giving the Inner Child a voice to express herself.

Do you Journal or use any of these methods?


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