Put into boarding school at age 5-Never lived with whole family again

by Dottie
(Orange, California)

I was the youngest of 4, sister's 15 yrs. & 8 yrs older, & a brother 4 yrs. older. I was taken to a boarding school at age 5 & told to go play on a hill, when I turned about my mother & her car were gone. What a shock!!!! At this time in my life, I believe she needed a babysitter so she could work nights to earn money for my oldest sister's college. I'm the only one who boarded at school. I was there until age 8. Sister graduated in June, my mother went to other side of country for vacation & never came home. In January, she came & took me out of boarding school & brought me to the other side of the county with her. I knew no one, & my mother was struggling to support herself, much less a child. We moved 7 times, between ages 8 & 12. All the moves were in the same town, but very different areas. The other members of my family were in & out of my life, depending on who was on which side of the country at which time & for how long. My parents never divorced, but they did not live together form the time I was almost 8. Therefore, my father did not live with me, full-time, from the age of 8. He was a really nice man, but because of the choices my mother made, he was not around me much after age 5. I was sent back & forth to oposite sides of the country for most of my growing up, depending on weather it was summer or during the school year, & also, if there was something going on with a sibling, that I usually didn't know about. In my adult lift, I was attracted to men, & people, who were emotionally unavailable. I did not realize that I had that pattern until I was past 40. When people start getting close to me, I usually do something to push them away. I, also, have a hard time thinking of myself or my needs. I've always thought I was not important! I would love to start feeling better about myself & start making better choices in life, even though I'm now over 60.

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