Poster child or self pittier?

My father kicked us out of "his" house when I was 6 or 7. He was having an affair. Minimal contact thereafter. My mother never discussed it. I recall promising to be good if we could get another chance (I was never bad). She was emotionally distant and never used the word "love" with us, but was never abusive. My oldest brother (by 16 years), the closest thing to a male role model I had, was verbally and emotionally abusive to me. My other two older brothers ignored me (and still do). I don't remember much of my childhood. Now I am a "successful" professional, but that just seems to bring out more spite from my siblings. My wife has anger issues to the extent that I do not reveal my feelings to her. She has not been supportive in the past ("get over it"). I am anxious, depressed, angry, distrustful, guilty and ashamed. I am alone. Sometimes I feel this childish wish for someone to just be there for me and make me feel safe. Then I come back to reality and the understanding that my issues are inconsequential in comparison to the millions out there who have it truly bad. Suck it up. Cram it in. Move on. So...which one am I?

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