PD's and Marriage?

by lana

I have been married for almost 2 years to a man that I suspect has a personality disorder. He will rage at me for hours(even days) over a perceived slight-I can ask a simple question(are you going to to the store, Did you buy milk?) or state an opinion-I wish we went out last week- which may be factual, but he will flip out, curse, threaten and act insane! Once I back off, or leave the house finally, he busies himself watching TV or on the computer on my return, he acts as if nothings wrong and nothing ever happened. No remorse, no empathy, no apologies.
He never does any of this in public, always in private.

His friends love him and would have trouble believing what I report here as his true behavior. He functions ok at work, but hates working and is never happy. I call him Eeyore, as nothing is ever to his satisfaction. He is impulsive in spending, has few boundaries with the opposite sex, and his behavior is often erratic and irrational. He takes what I say to him and distorts and twists it. I have caught him in lies.

His exW says that I am not the crazy one, and that he exhibited the same behaviors with her. She finally divorced him. He keeps threatening to throw me out-although I am not asking to leave-and offers divorce as a solution to what he calls my misery. Yet I am not miserable! Just bewildered.

I know I can work on MY reactions, and my strengths...but is this r/s worth saving?
Confused, but hopeful

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