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Serenity Cafe Live! Four Stages of Learning

My Name is Don Carter and I Suck at Bowling!

For those of you who are my age (Let’s just leave it at Baby-Boomer age), you may remember that once-upon-a-time Don Carter was the best bowler in the world. The closest I have been able to come to that is to use a bowling analogy to teach my clients about neuroplasticity and the “Four Stages of Learning Something New.”

I have recently discovered that I also suck at Live Webinars! But I like to practice what I preach and I am determined to learn the software to do Live Webinars. What does bowling and webinars have in common? Not much, except to say other people also become aware that I suck at both. I have given up on bowling, but I am determined to learn this technology so I can reach more people.

Above is one of my recent attempts to develop these new skills. (My humility goes only so far, so I cannot show you the prior attempts.) Please feel free to coach me in the comments below if you have feedback. I will post replays worthy of review here going forward. Stay with me on this journey and see my message about new learning in action. (Although I don’t know if I will ever “become one with the camera!”)

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Internet of the Mind Podcast
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