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FREE Lifetime Membership to TheraFlix @ Serenity Cafe!

New Video Platform Official Launch January 2024: Remember top Sign-up before Midnight on New Years Eve!

We did it! Everything at Serenity Cafe under one roof ~ with one login! Three Premium Memberships, Two Serenity Cafe Academy Courses, Oasis @ Serenity Cafe Tools, Includes everything from Thawing the Iceberg Premium Membership: (Courses, E-books, Audios, Videos, ect.) and everything from the Oasis @ Serenity Cafe Premium Membership: (Audios, Videos, guided imagery, self-hypnosis, meditation music, brainwave entrainment, binaural beats, how to create and use visualization and affirmations, digital therapy cards and documents, and more.) Plus…

  1. Exclusive Members Only Webinars, Q&A Sessions, and Coaching Calls

  2. Contact me 24/7 through my secure client portal and messaging system whenever necessary.

  3. Add 1:1 coaching sessions weekly, monthly, or “as needed.”

[NOTE: Webinars, Q&A Sessions, and Coaching Calls are included in the fees. However, while all individual counseling and coaching services are greatly discounted, the fees for them are not included and are charged separately]

Everything is Free in 2023

At the Serenity Cafe Academy, we have built a huge library of online resources in various formats, including audio, video, online courses, documents, links to web pages, journaling assignments, interactive presentations, CBT activities, and much more. At Serenity Cafe Academy alone there are enough resources to keep one person busy growing for years. In addition to the Serenity Cafe Academy, you can also browse TheraFlix @ Serenity Cafe for free online courses, audio, and videos.

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Internet of the Mind Podcast
Internet of the Mind Podcast
Don Carter MSW, LCSW