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Part 15: Ego-State Dysfunction vs Ego-State Harmony

Assessing the Inner Landscape of Survival Mode vs. Growth Mode

Before learning more about Ego-States, aka Parts-of-Self, this 26-minute video describes the role of Ego-State Dysfunction in the cycles of depression, anxiety, addiction, and compulsion. In the second part of the video a comparison of the healthy alternative, Ego-State Harmony, is presented.

The videos in the Working with Ego-States course at Serenity Cafe Academy help to explore the Inner Landscape of Self, begin working with Ego-States or Parts, getting to know your Inner Family of Self with my Ego-State Projection exercise, connecting to wounded parts of self by my Integrative Journaling procedure, and other forms of Inner Child work, ego-state therapy, and gestalt therapy. Check out all my resources, click the image below.

Let me know if you have questions, comments, or feedback in the comment section below.

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The videos and lessons in this area have part numbers (Part 1, etc) so you can tell the order to watch them. These are the foundational courses and one lesson builds upon the previous lesson. They are meant to be studied, not just watched one time.
Remember the need for intensity and repetition. When you have seen these videos enough times to almost be able to present the information yourself, the Internet of Your Mind will have been transformed for the better as you get to know your True Self
Don Carter MSW, LCSW