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Directing Your Movie Mind

Learning to direct, edit, and produce your own mind movies is a powerful tool for changing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

In the previous lesson on Mental Filters, we learned how important the processing of sensory data is important. What we see, hear, touch, smell, and taste must be taken into the mind, organized in a meaningful way, and then represented to us in a way we can understand.

What we know as our imagination is that mechanism of re-presentation. Think of it as a "Movie Mind" that has a visual track, an auditory track, a kinesthetic (Touch/Feel) track, a smell track, and a taste track.

Learning to direct, edit, and produce your own mind movies is a powerful way of using the imagination for goal achievement, enhancing performance, and healing emotional wounds from the past! The video above is a primer on how to do that... the rest you will learn as we go along because these are central to our primary tools of change - such as mindfulness, meditation, self-hypnosis, guided imagery, brainwave entrainment, and all of the approaches that make up our model of Integrative psychotherapy and coaching.

Below is a Submodalities worksheet you can use to practice making edits and adjustments to various perspectives (Watch the video above to learn how to use this worksheet.) Remember everyone is different and there is no correct way to use these skills. Play with them to see what is most effective for you.

Use submodalities to make pleasurable experiences stronger and to minimize uncomfortable experiences. Everyone has one or two submodalities tat make a difference when used. See an image of someone you love and then pull it closer and make it bigger. Now try that with your least favorite person. Pulling positive images in closer and pushing negative images further away while making them smaller are typically two ways of regulating emotions

Download Submodalities Worksheet

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