Oh the agony of the moment!

by Dewitt
(North Jersey, USA)

So I was drawn here, 4 years ago I met with a counselor and during one of our sessions she effortlessly said "you have abandonment issues" and was on to the next thought. This resonated with me like sirens on full blast! It has been like echo waves within me ever since, so I know I am on the cusp of a breakthrough during this present time, and Lord do I want and need it. Down right deserve it, because I am nor my family are benefiting from the torment that this weight/burden/lesson/energy is having on me.
All of the affection, attention and other needs that are written about, self-esteem, etc I feel that this was all missed on my part and now I am at a point where the world sees 'Man' and inside I feel 'Boy'.

I feel that I have helped myself as much as I can and at this point I need some additional outside help from someone that knows and cares.

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Jan 06, 2012
me too
by: Laurie Moss

The same thing happened to me, 'cept I'm a girl. In a therapy session, I was told I have abandonment issues and then went on to other things. I am no longer seeing a therapist. But after reading about abandoment issues on your site, it is all sounding very familar to me. I want to deal with it so I can go on in my life and feel happy and free. My question to you is....Is the only way to deal with these issues through meeting with a therapist, or can I deal with it on my own, reading books, etc.? I can't spend the money on therapy, but I really want to heal and move on.

Nov 29, 2011
Next Steps
by: Don

Hi Dewitt,

Welcome to recovery! Very well put..."the world sees 'man', but I feel 'boy'." and what you describe as echoes and waves inside you when you heard the term abandonment is the crying out of the inner boy from your past...he's been there all along just waiting to be noticed.

I think you (and he) are ready to seek out an Adult Children of Alcoholics and other Dysfunctional Families(ACoA or ACADF) group. You can find out more about them by pasting the link below into your browser:


Come back here and share your experience, strength, and hope...and to ask questions, etc.


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