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Many years ago I met my wife and life partner of 28 years. Our relationship has deteriorated to the point where she only sees separation as the solution. She has told me her story and has been seeking counseling all her life for what I would like to call early childhood abandonment. Without going into too much details she told me that her parents left her for 2 years with relatives at age of 4. They were rejoined again in a new country. Additionally her parents separated and later divorced in her early teenage years. She was left to 'care' for her mother who provided to the best she could while trying to cope with her own issues.

Our son has turned 19 and has basically moved out.

I have tried to satisfy her needs and wants to the best of my knowledge over the years. She now is relaying that I have been cruel for a very long time and that she had enough. In retrospect I see that she has been researching the internet over the past years and has become more and more reserved. I was not included in the process and feel like I got her version of the conclusion.

I am at a complete loss on how to proceed. Is there any hope? I have always left the door open for reconciliation or communication. A while back she has decided to communicate by email only. I agreed but now that path has dried up.k

Is there anyone out there who could shed some light on this? Maybe give me some insight with what I am dealing with or up against? Do I give in/up?

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