My Zen like Walks

by Artist: Katheen D. Cone
(Phoenix AZ USA)

A beautiful front yard with an egg shaped rock part of my

A beautiful front yard with an egg shaped rock part of my "City Zen Walk"

Lately in order to improve my overall heath, which I think has a lot to do with the way in which to help keep our minds healthy and responding in a positive way, I've been taking what I call, Zen Walks.

What I do is listen to the Serenity Music to prepare myself and possibly sing tones to it to get my breathing to slow down and reflexively provide me with a calmer state and then practice with the Free hypnosis sessions offered by Don on this site... for example: "The Changing Channels" relaxation and self-help hypnosis he offers.... and then I go for a Zen walk with my digital camera...

Like during the hypnosis sessions I follow the same waking routine... first starting with breathing deep and slowly, standing still with my eyes closed, and listening to all the sounds around me... I then open my eyes and begin the walk and try to keep aware of the now... and things that attract my eye.

Using the camera as a part of the Zen walk helps me to focus only on the thing I am taking a photo of.. and brings me great joy... I head for a place I know I can eventually sit down...for a short while to regain any composure and to become more aware of my breathing...slowly in and out and as naturally as possible, and listening to the sounds I hear...looking mostly for natural sounds of things like birds and life and look closely at the all sorts of a child on a nature walk, even though I live in a city, mostly with neighborhoods..

Yesterday on my walk everything went really well and it was full of wonders and beauty, until I saw a dead tree... a city planted tree that did not get proper water.. this set off a subconscious concern in my heart... but I went on with my walk distracted by other things that made me happy again..ending up sitting at a little man-made park with an artists sculpture in the center. Learning to be in the now.. learning to breath naturally...

As I headed home there were more things and more photos and everything seemed well and felt a lot of peace and tranquility.

On my return direction I happened across pancake cactus and began to think about how this one plant could be planted in Africa and requiring so little water while being so full of the nutrients most humans need, could arrest a tremendous amount of starvation..but it was not being implemented in Africa and I could not understand why... Again... my conscious and subconscious began to fret and worry a little... but I moved on.... to other beautiful things...

As I neared the end of my journey I photo graphed a palm tree that had been trimmed again the old neuro-network tried to take over.. thinking how it would only make the palm grow even taller but in the back of my mind I knew it destroyed the home of innocent creatures, that depend on these trees to live and thrive.... all this led to both a wonderful Zen walk and photos... but showed me how my mind was on free flow.. and how my subconscious was trying to automatically run things... those ingrained networks that have always fed negative thought.

Although all the things I thought that were defeating were true, they did not serve to better my inner mind....As I neared my home and the negative self talk get louder... it told me 'How sorry I felt for my husband having to deal with me over the years, ... what a failure I had been and so on'....

and as I turned the corner to return home.. I saw a small palm that had never been trimmed and the joy of the idea that this palm provided shelter to small creatures , small creatures like me allowed me to stop... and realize I am only human and have made mistakes and have regrets ingrained in who I am.... but the meditation of 'Changing Channels' .. the self-hypnosis kicked in and I took that remote control and turned it on... and went to those things that upset me... and allowed myself to look at them for what they were... truths... Yes..... but not truths I could not change by changing the channel... so I thought.... lets click to channel 2... to see who I really am (or who I really want to be) and how this become my reality with the cooperation of my subconscious mind. and I was able to see myself being the child in me... the person I really am .. seeing the wonder of a small palm tree, I knew held within itself the protection for small animals like myself.. in this big world.

The kind and compassionate self-love , the innocent child that is now starting to live more freely inside me was full of joy because I had hope that with perseverance I would get to know this person better... bring greater joy and love into the life of my husband and family and change the world ... even if it meant one palm tree at a time... One Zen walk at a time.

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