My Wife and her Son....

This is a 10 year ongoing Drama for me, the length of time my wife and I have been married.This is a long story.
My Wife's Son, now 27 yrs. of age,Bi-polar, alcohol and drug abuse, multiple times in Jail for Misdemeanors and Felonies and Boot Camp at age 13 yrs. She moved in with him over 4 months ago. She pays the bills, financed him a vehicle, does the grocery shopping and cleans the house, she is employed and he is employed for the last 3 months. She has moved out on me several times because of her son because I don't agree with her continuing to give him help.
I am 57 yrs. old and my wife is 59. I stared drawing a small retirement 2 yrs. ago. My wife is now saying that she's not coming home until I get a job and that's why she left me. She say's I'm to young not to work and that she still has to. It's not longer about her son, it's now all about me. Our home is paid for and I have over 1.5 million in other property paid for.My wife states she wants me to work at least 2 days a week just so long as I have a physical job.
This whole thing has gotten turned around to her blaming me. I told her that I guessed that she was now living with the man of her dreams, her son. They act Married, call each other several times a day everyday. If I am talking on the phone with her she will hang up if he calls and then she will call me back stating she's worried about him. W e have been to Marriage counseling to many times to count. I just can't believe all the crap over these last years. It's to much to write down. I'm so tired...............

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