My son's anger to his father escalated to his General Anxiety Disorder

by Lorna Velandiria
(Fairfax, Va. US)

His father and I separated when he was e years old. I thought that would be the best for Sean so
that he will not grow up seeing his parent fight all the time. Sean was very misbehaving at school,
he sought counseling at 6th grade. He shared to counselors how he hated his weekends with his
father and his new girlfriend. He felt a degree of threat and jealousy from his girlfriend. He
had come home from his father very angry every weekend.

As years went by, Sean continued experiences with his father's immoral behavior towards women which he had observed escalated to his mischievous
behavior. He is now in his junior year of college attending one of the best university in Northern
Virginia. Sean's suppressed anger to his Dad has now escalated to his General Social Anxiety
Disorder. He is going for treatment at this time. He still continues to keep all his bad
experiences from his father. At the age of 21, he is afraid to drive, afraid to socialize with
others- no friends, just the computer. He is on his last year of college, and he wants to come
back home so that he may find safety again which is a complete regression.

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