my son is drowning himself..

He is 35 yrs old has a son who will b 10 this July, who has been taken away by his mother down to live in Florida. they have joint custody and have a parenting plan from the Judge. The mother of his son is not suppose to leave the state without consent from my son or the courts.

My son has been drinking since he was 14 yrs old. He dropped out of school, i had 2 go to court and havd a judge make him get his GED. HE would work with his uncle roofing. every payday he would spend all of his money on drinking, weed, pizza mostly himself. He never helped me pay any bills or groceries. He is a very talented artist he taught himself how to play the guitar. He is a very good looking young man (not saying this just because he is my son 😉) He is very smart and always made good grades in school.

He is suppose to pay child support. But doesn't He has been in & out of jail so much I have lost count. I had to get a restraining order on him & his girlfriend. Because he won't get a job and keep it, because every payday it's party time. He refuses to be responsible for himself and his son. My father, his grandfather will help him get out of jail, pay his bond.

He stays in a motel now, he doesn't have a job nor dies his girlfriend who also stays there with him. Her father will bring them food,and give my father money to help pay their motel rate for the week. My son has been donating his plasma now for the last 3 weeks 2 times within 7 days to help pay the motel fee. His girlfriend has also started

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