My son is addicted to meth and is robbing us blind!

by Tami
(Mesa AZ)

My son was seeing this girl who was using meth while she was pregnant with my granddaughter. She was born meth exposed and DCS removed her from her parents at birth and placed her with me. My son and his girlfriend never did anything to comply with DCS to get their daughter back, now she is 20 months old and the court has severed both of their parental rights, so my husband and I are in the process of adopting her.

When my granddaughter was taken away from my son, because of her mother's meth use, my son decided to join her and he is now addicted himself. We have tried helping us out, but he won't do anything to help us do anything, he won't do anything for himself either. We recently found out that most of my husbands tools are gone. I had a feeling that my son has been stealing them and selling them for meth and we just figured out that I was right.

He was just arrested and is now in jail for not paying a fine from driving with a suspended license a while ago. My husband and I want to go bail him out, but after finding out all that he has done, I just can't do it. His bail is only $50. Am I being too hard on him by not doing so?

We also found out that the mother to our granddaughter had a new baby two weeks ago, who was also born drug exposed, but she put that baby up for adoption. We received a letter from the adoption attorney yesterday saying that my son is listed as a potential father and he can chose to consent to the adoption or file for a DNA test. I know my son is not able to raise that baby if it is his either. I am wondering if they would let me take that baby in as well, if he does belong to my son.

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