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by Chelsea Miller


I am 14 years old and I am doing a science project at school on the subconscious mind. I read your page on controlling the subconscious mind and I found it extremely helpful! Thank you so much! But I am just a bit confused... you said that the subconscious mind cannot process negations and all it hears is "I - like to smoke", for example, which makes perfect sense.

But I read on this other site that you shouldn't say "I can not do it" and think negative thoughts like this because your subconscious takes them to be true etc.

What I don't understand is; if your subconscious can't process negations, wouldn't it hear "I can - do it" ? So wouldn't it be good to think this? Thanks for all your help! :-)


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Oct 27, 2009
Great Question Chelsea!
by: Anonymous

Hi Chelsea,

You asked, "if your subconscious can't process negations, wouldn't it hear "I can - do it"? So wouldn't it be good to think this?"

That's a very good question and one I had to ask myself when I was first learning about this. First of all, no two minds think exactly alike so all of this is "in general" have to find what works for you. It is perfectly fine to experiment with such ideas. It may be that your mind can do it that way.

Second, based upon the experience of myself & many others it appears that focusing on what you DO much better than focusing in anyway on what you DON'T WANT.

Third, We are not really trying to "trick" our subconscious mind into doing what we want. We want to INSTRUCT our subconscious mind on what we want.

So instead of trying to give your subconscious mind the message "I can do it" you may want to SEE yourself doing it in your mind's eye while occasionally repeating the phrase "I AM doing it!" or "I AM a non-smoker" or "I AM 10 pounds lighter" while seeing your feet on the scale...acting as if it is really happening right now and feeling the feelings that go with that realization.

Then just spend 10 minutes or so dwelling on that imagery and affirmation several times a day. (To "realize" is to make it real)

Remember that "burning it into your brain" takes intensity and repetition, so a good rule of thumb is the "think it until you can feel it." Thanks for checking out my page!

Hope this helps,
Don Carter

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