My relationship with my sister

by jay jay

My sister, 55, has had severe codependency all her adult life. Me too. In recovery.

My sister's current situation is: she bought a new home 4 years ago, allowed her two grown (37, 35) daughters to move in with their 3 children, allowed her daughter's to "trash" the house, while she supported them.

My sister moved out because she cannot ask them to leave, and now rents a room while supporting her daughters and her grand daughters.

My sisters health has seriously deteriorated. Her two daughters are abusive to her verbally and mentally and use her for money.

Over the years I have tried to "help" her by suggesting Al-Anon, therapy, etc. She does not respond to these suggestions.

Finally, I have come to the place where I cannot listen anymore. I have listened by the hundreds of hours. It has taken me so long to let her go and even now I feel sad and mad about it. It is so hard to have to tell someone you cannot listen anymore.

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