My mother in law enables her brother!!! Mind you she is 66 and he an alcoholic 50 year old who works to drink.

by Fed up

Ok so I have a wonderful fiancee. And his mother is an awesome person but a year ago she helped her nieces evict their dad her brother from their home. Due to the fact he doesn't do anything but work to drink. After he gets evicted she lets him sleep on our couch. Mind you was only supposed to be for one night. Fast forward to a year almost and he does nothing!!!

I am ready to pull my hair out I work 45+ hours a week my fiancee also and his mother. He will work a side job to drink. He can't event fold the blanket he uses to sleep on the couch leaves dishes doesn't contribute anything comes and goes as he pleases day and night and recently had a woman sleeping on couch with him!!!

He smokes in the house when asked not to. He also has a 15 year old he doesn't care for his second oldest daughter does. My mother in-law asked him to finish my son's room for staying on couch again almost year later not event close. And it's at the point she offered him money to finish it and still wont.

He is ruining me and my fiancee relationship due to stress because we are having a baby in 3 months and I don't want him in the house when the baby comes. I just don't know what to do. I can't say anything it's not my place but I have had enough!!!

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