my mom is my pain resource

by susan

My mother abandoned me since I was small. I was hospitalized 3 times from suicide attempts. She does not play nice. I spent my entire life trying to be worth something to her but she treats me like nothing. I grow up in this dysfunctional environment and it is still taking time to heal and we have come such a long way! However, I am now going to start my own family and to be my husband's family where they do not accept this type of negativity and non-sense. I am simply not going to allow my mother to push and treat my husband the way that she treats me and certainly my children will not be exposed to any of this. It is not healthy. So many tears and staying up late trying to reach out to my mother to explain and work things out. All my efforts were in vain. There is really not much I can do. It really affects me, my ability to hold a job, and my relationship with my husband.

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Oct 15, 2012
by: don

Hi Susan,

Good for you! You sound very determined to make things right for you and your family. One caution is that you are likely to have abandonment issues and they need to be attended to in some fashion.

Read these two pages on my site for more information about what to watch for as you go forward.

The chemistry of Drama

Distance & Pursuit

Seek help if you relate to the material on these pages, even if there are no apparent problems yet. Think of it as "Preventive Therapy."

Take Care,

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