My life in a concentration camp, only it was called home

by Debra Daniels
(Knoxville Tn. US)

My earliest memory was when I was 3 yrs. old. Seems hard to believe I can remember that far back.I think that may be why its so hard to move forward in my life. I recall so much in such detail, that first memorie of the smell of the air, the chill against my little arms,tears runnung down my dirty little face,my broken little heart, because my daddy lied to me. He said he was going to buy me a tricycle. I waited for him to come back,he never came back. I must have been unhappy before that first lie because I just remember all darkness and sadness before that. Life only got worse for for me because my mom wasnt a strong mother. She took care of her husbands, yes I mean all of her husbands needs and neglected the needs of her child. Im 55 yrs. old and cant seem to escape the camp I had to live in.

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Jan 21, 2012
by: Don

I agree Debra,

Kids can't run away, and they can't fight back. So they are "Prisoner's of War" when home is a battlefield, or mine field, or concentration camp.

You CAN break out, you CAN heal...because the fact is now you are a grown woman who CAN take care of herself, even though she has a wounded casualty inside who says she can't do it.

Your best choice is to reach out for help... because while she was growing up in a camp, she missed out on how to do life the "normal" way. So we go to meetings, read the literature, pray and meditate asking God to restore us, etc.! and IT WORKS!

But if you do nothing, you abandon yourself just like they did back then. Make the choice!

Take Care,

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