My children absorbing bad behaviour.

by Lucia
(Bay area)

I been trying to figure out why I never read the baby books or tried to better myself mental/ emotionally for my three kids. Now their getting older (3 kiddies from ages 5,3,2) and I'm catching myself feeling bad about who they are becoming. It's my doing because they see me all day long going through my roller coaster. I want to be a better example and help them with there anxiety,fears,and attention issues. I stay at home with them but I am a yeller,shamer, comparer,and have stop giving them physical love. I use to give them more attention but it seems that all my subconscious problems are starting to affect me. I grow up in a abusive family drugs and mental and physical there has been damage made. I want to learn to let all that go and grow for me and them. Thanks k you for this form I love how you said you can't put the blame you have to just accept it and move passes it. I feel that I am in that transition and need help. Because in the process I am still affect my children development. I need to stop. If you have any books,blogs YouTube video I would appreciate some direction.
Thanks you.

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