My 40 yr old son

by Lynn

My son is 40 year old ... I have constantly bailed him out of trouble over the years, my mother has done the same. He has bi polar and lives in America, he cannot keep a job for more than a couple of years and now due to a DUI cannot keep a job because he cannot drive, cannot get the insurance its too expensive. He is a plumber by trade and can always get jobs its keeping them that's the problem. He gets arrested on a regular basis because he cannot keep up with his maintenance payments for his 2 children. Myself and my ex husband pay for his doctors bills and medication he takes for bi polar none of which seem to work he is never on an even keel.

This is just a brief overview of the situation and after all the years I have been dealing with it all I feel worn out and completely hopeless. He is my only child, I am an only child and live alone, my mother is 83 and I am afraid for the future.

I don't know what to do, I have tried to think along the lines that he is too old for me to be living my life like this but I constantly worry and fret about him. Its ruining my life and making me ill.

Does anyone have the same problem and if so how do you come to terms with it?

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