My 34 year old son is on meth

by Nancy

My son is 34 and now on meth .My husband and I are just sick about it. He with his girlfriend who is also using. He just got picked up for theft. We want him home but we said not with this women. He lost his job. She won't work at all. I told them if she gets a job we will let her come her long enough for them to get a place. He won't come home without her. I can't raise someone else's child. I did that before and it just doesn't work. We can't deal with my son addiction sure can't deal with this girlfriend. We haven't seen or heard from them going on a month now. He sleeps wherever someone will have them. We love my son soooo very much. We don't no who to help him. Should we suck it up and let them come here so they will b off the streets or do I just leave them out there and hope he will get sick of that kind of life. You no as well as us he could die.

Me and his dad has done everything for almost 15 years and he just as bad now if not worse then he was 15 years ago. He been in prison twice already. Once when he was 21 and again at 31. Both for 6 months. This last time he got out he was sooo happy for a year n a half then with her not wanting to work he started getting stressed and depressed cause he couldn't pay rent so they got kick out. That's whn it all started going downhill. What should we do now. Please someone help us. Should we try to get him off the streets or just hope he will get tried of that kind of life?

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