My 25 year old refuses to get a job!!!!


Help!!!! My 25 year old daughter still lives at home and always says shes looking for a job but to no avail. the problem is that me, (her mother) has been her enabler for the past 6 or 7 years and it is ruining our marriage and my relationship with her. There are days that I just hate her and want to throw in the towel.

Let me give you the background. She has associated herself with people that don't work, drug dealers, and people that do whatever they do to get money without working. She thinks its okay and she goes to school to get financial aid and uses the money for herself. Recently she got into trouble and of course I bailed her out which put me in a financial bind and yet she doesn't seem to care when I question her to start looking for a job. She doesn't drive because she has gotten into numerous accidents and can't afford a vehicle.

I do haul her around and I really need some help to stop enabling her. I can't do this anymore.

She is always in trouble, had an addiction to pain killers (not sure if she still does) but I think she does; lazy, steals from us to get money where we lock our room. Please help me to move on so that I can retire and not be in this financial mess or her still living here when she is 30.

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