by Thomas Neal

I've been in recovery since 11/23/09. I lost everything but my life. I lost my spouse, children, success, business, home, freedom, sanity. I was sick. My thinking and behavior was diseased. Disease; Improper functioning of an organ or organism, failure to thrive, progressive and fatal. I put myself in treatment twice that year, the second time I did what was suggested. It was a simple not easy thing. I became a new person in a new place with new behaviors. I'm still an addict but I don't buy into the process. I'm aware, and accountable for my behavior and happiness. I learned how to redefine things, words, relationships, boundaries, everything. I had to treat all parts of me, mind, body, spirit, emotions. The humility of desperation is a great starting point. It wasn't about knowing; it is about doing. And for that it takes others. Today I have new friends and a new history. My wife and children now live with me in a new city. We are a family. I will always be an addict, but I never have to use again. It's a choice.

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Jun 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

How cool is that! You've done what I wish my Ex-Husband would have done! He had already lost me and the children when he went to a Rehab...but later went back to the old choices he had made before! He died in the late 80s with a fifth of whiskey in his arms on his back on the floor! Three of his four children are still struggling with this addiction today and I pray they will make better choices everyday! Congratulations on getting your family back before it was too late! You deserve a medal! Keep up the good work and always be there for those children,they need you!

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